Here Design Unveils Ice-cream Recipe Book, Gelupo Gelato

Here Design Unveils Ice-cream Recipe Book, Gelupo Gelato

May 27, 2021 10:58 am EDT

Here Design has unveiled a dreamy pastel-colored design for Gelupo Gelato – a new ice-cream recipe book by renowned restaurateur Jacob Kenedy. Gelupo Gelato evokes feelings of childish joy whilst paying homage to the glamorous era of La Dolce Vita and Italy’s Golden Age, inspired by vintage Italian tourism posters.

The latest release for publisher Bloomsbury showcases a rainbow spectrum of simple, sophisticated gelato recipes entirely presented in mouth-wateringly colorful illustrations, ranging from fruity Peach & Blood Orange to tangy Lime Sherbet, creamy Marron Glacé, and decadent Chocolate & Whisky. Definitive recipes such as a classic granita, barely-melting semifreddo, ice cream cake, profiteroles, ice cream cones and brioche buns are playfully depicted across double-page spreads animated by splashes of vibrant pastel tones which immediately transport the reader to a sun-drenched place or childhood memory.

Here Design presented each gelato recipe on the Contents page in the form of a technicolor scoop palette, reminiscent of a traditional paint chart, satisfyingly ordered by the tonal range of each gelato’s coloring. Readers will find a tip sheet for pairing flavors, whilst each recipe is accompanied by a short anecdotal description referring to a place, event or moment in time, summoning a cacophony of flavors for the gelato maker, and draws on Kenedy’s formative time and experience spent in Italy whilst learning the art of making gelato.

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