Мировые новости рекламы и дизайна

Smith&+Village’s Bold, Modern Take on the Historic Harrods Mark

The iconic London department store Harrods has just opened its revamped Chocolate Hall. Smith&+Village has redesigned Harrods’ own-brand confectionery in a unique way that would stand out in the historic hall among other luxury superbrands. Creative director Debrah Smith took inspiration from contemporary art in decorative historic settings, like Jeff Koons in the Palace of Versailles and Anish Kapoor at Chatsworth House. “Harrods is famous throughout the world for being the home of super brands, and we knew we needed to create a super brand out of confectionery,” commented Richard Village, Strategy Director of Smith&+Village. “We made very sure that the design of the new packaging followed the principles of a super brand and conveyed the same opulent look and feel. Using beautiful materials, beautiful brand pattern and the big ‘H’ monogram, it has made something uber-luxurious and seductive that sits happily among other luxury chocolate brands and feels like a world-class leader of this fabulous category.” The revamped Chocolate Hall recognizes the importance of the building’s Grade I-listed status while incorporating modern materials and technology. Taking the stage alongside the beautifully restored Edwardian tilework, Smith&+Village’s tubs of cocoa-dusted fruit and nuts are a symphony of variegated colors, somehow managing to be both understated and celebratory. They work beautifully as active elements of the store’s visual language and as individual covetable gifts. “We wanted the design to be a statement, a bold, undeniably modern take on the Harrods mark,” explained Debrah Smith, Creative Director, Smith&+Village. “Our packaging has to sit in Harrods Chocolate Hall, one of the world’s most iconic and historic rooms, full of complex pattern and decoration. I thought about how contemporary art pieces sit so magnificently in intricate baroque rooms, like Jeff Koons at the Palace of Versailles or Anish Kapoor at Chatsworth House. So I decided that bold and modern, with thick glossy inks, shots of neon and reflective foils was the way to go. It’s that mix of historic and contemporary that I find so inspiring and tried to capture in the chocolate ranges.” “These rooms are incredibly impressive and we needed to having something that both echoed the grandeur of the Chocolate Hall and would also be contextualized within it, so that it all tells a seamless Harrods story,” Village added. As well as the cocoa-dusted fruit and nuts, the range encompasses chocolate thins, fondant, and large truffle selection, Turkish delight and old confectionary favorites like cola cubes. The ‘H’ monogram repeated in gold against a delicious color palette becomes a kind of house check pattern, conveying the finesse of the treats within. Photos: Courtesy of Smith&+Village

Free The Birds Designs Inclusive Men’s Grooming Brand The Fellowship

Free The Birds has revealed its latest work for a brand-new, inclusive men’s grooming brand, ‘The Fellowship,’ from model and entrepreneur Andrew Cooper, and award-winning marketeer, Duncan Morris. The disruptive brand identity brings packaging design, typography and tone of voice together to communicate The Fellowships’ core values of community and equality – what the brand describes as the ‘ethos of the modern gentleman.’ In order to reflect The Fellowship’s ambitions to disrupt more traditional notions around masculinity, and also ensure the new brand stands out from its peers on the shelf, Free The Birds deliberately opted for an eye-catching chartreuse color palette – a significant departure from the rich, heavy tones that are typical of the category. “The tradition with men’s grooming products is to opt for greys, blacks and browns. But notions of masculinity are changing, and with that, our gendered preconceptions of colour,” explained Nick Vaus, Creative Director and Partner at Free The Birds. “The bright, accented colour palette we’ve chosen conveys just the sense of modernism that The Fellowship and its target customers embody, and also ensures the products catch the eye of the customer straight away, which is particularly important for new brands entering this competitive category.” On each product, the bold information labels are arranged over a plain white background in the shape of an equals (=) sign – a striking motif that artistically encapsulates and communicates The Fellowship’s core values. Simple jet-black lids, pumps, and text, meanwhile, create an industrial feel and inject a level of maturity and quality to the design. For the information labels, simple sans-serif typography facilitates clear and direct messaging around each product’s benefits, while the ‘equals’ motif appears again in each description to help communicate a sense of ‘no-frills’ simplicity about self-grooming, that the brand also wanted to champion. The Fellowship’s name and logo, meanwhile, is proudly printed in bold black typeface along the side of each pack in the negative white space – a deliberate decision that speaks to the attitude of pride and shamelessness around self-care and self-identity that The Fellowship hopes to foster within its customer community. The bold brand identity will first appear on The Fellowship’s ‘Essential Founders’ Kit,’ which launched this week, including a body wash, body cream, moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner, before being rolled out to more products later in the year. Photos: Courtesy of Free The Birds

«Бережно выловили» и «Заботливо разделали»

Defa Group, один из крупнейших импортёров рыбы и морепродуктов в РФ, вместе с брендинговым агентством Ohmybrand провели ребрендинг марки Fish&More.  Команда Ohmybrand разработала новое позиционирование бренда, дизайн упаковки, архитектуру и названия продуктовых линеек, принципы коммуникации бренда в различных каналах.

«Вдохновение» пополнилась экзотическими вкусами популярных десертов

Холдинг «Объединенные кондитеры» выпустил под брендом «Вдохновение»® ряд новых продуктов, отличающихся разнообразием вкусов и ярким дизайном упаковки. Флагманская новинка — шоколадные конфеты в коробках с начинкой «Fruzipan».

«Кровавая Мэри»

Школа дизайна НИУ ВШЭ представила студенческий проект – легенда названия коктейля нашла отражение в дизайне подарочной упаковки водки премиум-класса. «Кровавая Мэри» — классический коктейль из водки и томатного сока. Простота приготовления и мягкий вкус сделали этот напиток одним из самых популярных миксов в мире.

Полиция кармы

Ohmybrand разработали линейку полуфабрикатов «Кабан Веган», задорно обыграв тему вегетарианства. В рамках проекта требовалось подготовить линейку вегетарианских блюд «Кабан Веган» к выходу в ритейл, разработать её логотип и дизайн упаковки, отстроив новую марку от конкурентов. adwillad.

Система навигации и экстерьер для «Агро Эксперт Груп»

Над проектом работало агентство Plenum. «Агро Эксперт Груп» — одно из крупнейших отечественных предприятий по производству химических средств защиты растений.

Coca-Cola в России займется выпуском БАДов

Новый бренд BotanIQ был разработан компанией «Мултон», которая является частью сокового бизнеса Coca‑Cola в России. Задача BotanIQ — удовлетворить растущий спрос на продукты для сбалансированного рациона. Продукт отвечает трендам современного потребления и осознанного подхода к здоровью.

«Волшебная» упаковка

Школа дизайна НИУ ВШЭ представила студенческий проект – концепт упаковки корма для кроликов . Мы с детства знаем, что капуста и морковь — любимая еда кроликов. К тому же в них так много витаминов и микроэлементов, необходимых для крепкого здоровья и благополучия питомца.

«Россельхозбанк» отдаст за рекламу 1,3 млрд рублей

Российский сельскохозяйственный банк объявил тендер размещение рекламы на различных площадках в 2021-2022 годах. Банк планирует провести масштабную рекламную кампанию своих услуг, которая охватит телеканалы, радио, площадки в интернете и поисковые системы «Яндекс» и «Google», сообщает RosTender.info.

«Бургер Кинг» перевернет всю бьюти-индустрию!

Сеть ресторанов быстрого питания «Бургер Кинг» отказывается от искусственных консервантов и красителей в своих продуктах и хочет обратить внимание на то, что натуральность рулит в любой сфере.

Дизайн для поколения Z

Агентство «Свое мнение» разработало дизайн упаковки нового бренда производителя напитков ГК Черноголовка Fantola. Перед агентством стояла задача создания нового бренда, который сможет выступить как настоящий конкурент на международном рынке.

OTVETDESIGN разработало дизайн упаковки одноразовых перчаток

Незаметная функциональная коробка стала главным носителем позиционирования марки, показав преимущество товара – его прочность. Одноразовые перчатки – стандартный расходник для профессионалов из различных отраслей.

Спорт-товары в 2021: перспективы развития в новой реальности

Николай Артамонов, основатель и креативный директор агентства Otlichnosti, рассказал о тенденциях в спортивной индустрии, основываясь на исследовании McKinsey. Из-за пандемии большинство брендов ритейлеров и компаний-производителей товаров для занятий спортом завершили прошлый год в значительных минусах.

Бдительность покупателей

Корейский косметический бренд обернул пластиковый флакон в картон и выдал его за эко-френдли упаковку. Но оказалось, что внутри обычная пластиковая бутылочка. Корейский косметический бренд Innisfree выпустил сыворотку для лица с этикеткой Hello, I’m Paper Bottle.

Редизайн газированного напитка Olipop от Break Maiden (США)

Ретро-типографика, пастельные тона и минималистичные макеты – все это вместе создало современный стиль, основанный на ностальгии. Olipop -первый клинически подтвержденный напиток, способствующий пищеварению — нуждался в обновлении внешнего вида. Необходимо было освежить бренд и улучшить информационную часть.

Bammes Art

«Терминал» разработал айдентику бренда профессиональных аксессуаров для художников. Производство профессиональных аксессуаров для художников было запущено компанией «Дитон» в 2020 году под брендом Bammes Art.

Colgate выпустила тюбик, из которого можно выдавить всю зубную пасту

Секрет заключается в новом формате упаковки, в которой используется технология LiquiGlide. Многие сталкиваются с проблемой, когда в тюбике остаётся зубная паста, но достать её не получается.

Круг замкнулся: на AliExpress появится «Садовод»

Компании решили опередить юмор в свой адрес и сами поиронизировали над собой, создав фотографии рынка будущего. На AliExpress открылся официальный магазин одного из самого известных рынков России — «Садовод». В нем будут продаваться товары для дома (осветительные приборы, товары для кухни и ванной).

Zuper разработало айдентику и дизайн упаковки для Shved Collagen

Обновлённый дизайн выстроился вокруг якорного элемента — буквы S, которая отражает гибкость и подвижность, а её визуальное сходство с молекулой подчёркивает выбранное позиционирование.

Levenkaas — голландское качество от российского производителя

Getbrand разработали дизайн упаковки для линейки сыров голландской группы. Кабош — это вертикально интегрированный агрохолдинг полного цикла, где полностью контролируется вся цепочка производства.

«Лента» приобретает сеть «Билла Россия»

Это позволит сети стать вторым крупнейшим ритейлером по числу супермаркетов в Москве. ООО «Лента»  заключило соглашение о приобретении сети супермаркетов Billa Russia GmbH за 215 млн евро. В результате сделки общая доля «Ленты» на рынке продуктового ритейла Москвы и Московской области составит приблизительно 3%.

Кофе в кубе

Coca-Cola представила растворимые кубики кофе и чая для быстрой заварки.  Coca-Cola Japan начала продавать сублимированные напитки в кубиках, которые позволят насладиться холодным кофе и японским чаем. Этот напиток можно заказать на Amazon.co.jp примерно за 648 иен (6 долларов США)

“Даниссимо” обновил дизайн упаковки

Проект разработан совместно с брендинговым агентством Viewpoint. За двадцатилетнюю историю «Даниссимо» менялся не раз.

Nemoloko выводит на рынок новые линейки

DDVB разработали дизайн, подчеркнув достоинства продуктов, сделанных из растительного молока. Cпрос на альтернативную молочную продукцию стремительно набирает обороты, становясь уже не просто трендом, а культурой питания.

ADC 100th Awards Winners Announced

The One Club for Creativity has announced the winners of its 100th Annual Awards, celebrating excellence in craft, innovation and design. The DDB Germany Berlin was awarded the highly-coveted ADC Black Cube for Best of Show for 'The Uncensored Library,' working with MediaMonks Hilversum and Blockworks London on behalf of Reporters Without Borders. The work also received the ADC Designism Cube for the entry that best encourages positive societal and political change. With the Black Cube, Designism Cube, five Golds and one Bronze overall for the work, as well as a Best of Discipline win in Experiential Design, DDB Germany was named ADC 100th Agency of the Year, based on cumulative points for all awards won. A total of 9,132 pieces were entered from 61 countries in the ADC 100th Annual Awards. Agencies, studios, brands, production companies and designers in 36 countries were awarded a total of 98 ADC Gold Cubes, 104 Silvers, 171 Bronze and 382 Merits this year. more: oneclub.org Перейти на источник

Новый фирменный стиль для премии Астрид Линдгрен от шведского брендингового агентства

Новости дизайна 06.04.2021 Брендинговое агентство Happy F&B создало новый образ для детской литературной премии The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, вдохновленный стенографией и рассказами

Дизайн упаковки Магнум Кюве Elena завоевал Red Dot 2021 в категории «Упаковка напитков»

Новости дизайна 07.04.2021 Подведены итоги крупнейшего международного конкурса дизайна Red Dot Award. Жюри в составе ведущих мировых дизайнеров, профессоров дизайна и

«Росгосстрах» представил юбилейный стиль к 100-летию компании

Новости дизайна 15.04.2021 В 2021 году «Росгосстрах» празднует столетие компании. Агентство LINII было привлечено к работе по актуализации бренда, который играет важную

Рэпер Will.i.am и дизайнер из SpaceX создали защитную маску со встроенными наушниками

Новости дизайна 18.04.2021 Автор Шмелева Виктория История разработки умной маски началась с Марка Бениоффа, исполнительного директора компании Salesforce, занимающейся

Дизайн упаковки для йогурта Moogurt

Новости дизайна 19.04.2021 Автор Шмелева Виктория Kathy Siu студентка из Канады изучающая графический дизайн, разработала дизайн-концепт упаковки для йогурта под

Airo — автомобиль и пылесос окружающей среды

Новости дизайна 23.04.2021 Автор Валерий Жигалов Лондонская студия Heatherwick представила свою концепцию электромобиля Airo для IM Motors, который будет «пылесосить

Креативный дизайн упаковки для чая

Новости дизайна 23.04.2021 Автор Шмелева Виктория Студенческие проекты во многом не уступают по своей креативности работам многих именитых дизайн-студий. Отличную

Дизайн мексиканской банкноты в 100 песо признан лучшим в 2020 году

Новости дизайна 25.04.2021 Автор Сулейменова Мария Каждый год Международное Банкнотное Сообщество присуждает награду «Лучшая банкнота года», жюри выбирает

Shutterstock X Monotype Webinar: 5 Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Jun 2, 2021 4:05 pm EDT Monotype and Shutterstock have announced a live webinar to discover what trends are on the horizon and will define creativity in 2021. The online event will offer a deep dive into today's major trends in design, typography, photography, and other branding elements; and insights into changes in consumer behavior, technology, and design innovations that will shape the years to come. more: monotype.

Studio Blackburn Creates Engaging Environment Design System for UCL School of Management

May 27, 2021 5:43 pm EDT Studio Blackburn has completed a unique design system for wayfinding, interior supergraphics, and connected digital interface at UCL’s School of Management at the heart of Canary Wharf. Having previously completed the environmental design for the school’s campus on level 38 of One Canada Square (Canary Wharf), the agency was set the task of developing the design system further for the school’s new floor on level 50. Studio Blackburn has worked closely with the school since creating its new visual identity in 2015.

RGD In-House Design Awards 2021

May 27, 2021 1:06 pm EDT The Association of Registered Graphic Designers' (RGD) In-House Design Awards recognizes the excellence of internal creative agencies leveraging effective communication design to achieve the goals of the companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations and institutions they work for. Any communications-related project created after January 1, 2017, internally by a company or organization whose primary service offering is not design is eligible.

Here Design Unveils Ice-cream Recipe Book, Gelupo Gelato

May 27, 2021 10:58 am EDT Here Design has unveiled a dreamy pastel-colored design for Gelupo Gelato – a new ice-cream recipe book by renowned restaurateur Jacob Kenedy. Gelupo Gelato evokes feelings of childish joy whilst paying homage to the glamorous era of La Dolce Vita and Italy’s Golden Age, inspired by vintage Italian tourism posters.

Mucca Elevates the Future of Storytelling with Identity for Chora

May 27, 2021 4:29 am EDT As a former editor-in-chief of Italian newspapers la Repubblica and La Stampa, author and award-winning journalist, Mario Calabresi has spent his accomplished career unearthing and uplifting the stories that matter. But with the success of his newsletter, Altre/Storie, came an opportunity to reach new audiences.

Eddie Opara & Pentagram Rebrand Calendly

May 20, 2021 3:03 am EDT Calendly, the leading cloud-based scheduling platform, has unveiled a new brand vision and visual identity in collaboration with Pentagram. Calendly was created to reduce the hassle of scheduling meetings eight years ago, yet the brand identity has remained largely untouched. Trusting in Pentagram partner Eddie Opara, Calendly set out to develop a visual identity that encompasses its founding ideals while modernizing the design to reflect its current and future capabilities and ambition.

RGD’s In-House Design Conference Returns Virtually This June

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers' (RGD) In-House Design Conference, taking place from June 7 to 11, has much to offer to creatives acting as in-house design department of one or are part of a design team that spans multiple offices around the world. In-house design teams have had to rapidly adapt to new routines, methods and projects to best serve their organizations.

The One Club Launches ‘WE ARE ONE’ to Rally Creatives Against Hate

The One Club for Creativity has announced 'WE ARE ONE,' a new initiative to rally creatives around the world to take a collective stand against racism and intolerance, and use their unique talents to spread that message globally.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage with SMAKK’s Identity for Biodegradable Wipes Innovator Busy Co.

Since its launch, Busy Co. has found enormous success with their single-use wipes – perfect for women on the go, medical professionals, teachers, and athletes; as well as people with limited mobility or who can’t easily shower. Yet even as they refined their signature product, they met challenges – they realized that because most single-use wipes are poly or plastic fabrics, which aren’t biodegradable, the environmental implications could be devastating. Taking on a new imperative to make the world’s first zero-waste wipe, Busy Co. worked with SMAKK, updating their brand to align with their sustainable mission. For Busy Co., the need to redefine their brand came with more than just messaging. Changing meant developing a new manufacturing approach, including making sure that everything – from their outer cartons to the cotton in their wipes – is made from either pre or post-consumer recycled content. As a result, everything from Busy Co. is biodegradable (down to their shipping boxes) and created in a US factory powered entirely by wind energy, allowing them to offer high-quality products with a low carbon footprint. In partnering with SMAKK, they found not only boundless expertise in the personal care space but an agency similarly committed to sustainability. “The co-founders Jamie Steenbakkers and Michael Leahy were in college when Busy Co. was born and needed help signalling how much they had grown and changed since then,” explained SMAKK Founder Katie Klencheski. “While these wipes appealed to people for their convenience, they also wanted to give people a way to look and feel their best, without giving up their routine, schedule, or earth-friendly values. We’ve been helping brands navigate these concerns for years, so we knew we could help them stay true to that brand promise.” Fittingly, SMAKK set out to create a brand that empowers and supports women and doesn’t take itself too seriously while also redefining Busy Co. as a brand leading the way in sustainability. “We wanted the brand to have a strong POV that connects directly with consumers and jumps off the shelf to attract attention,” added Klencheski. This included using handwriting and word art to infuse a unique, authentic personality into the product packaging and other touchpoints. As a result, the final brand matches its audience perfectly: playful, unembarrassed to take on life’s sticky, messy moments head-on, and uncompromising, including when it comes to protecting Mother Earth. Photos: Courtesy of SMAKK Перейти на источник

Hotels revitalise interiors using Kriskadecor products

Dezeen staff | 9 April 2021 Dezeen promotion: Kriskadecor’s aluminium chains offer a quick, easy and hygienic way to transform the interiors of hotels ready to welcome back guests. As travel and tourism begin to reopen

Oornament Studio’s porcelain paintbrushes double as sculptures

Jane Englefield | 8 April 2021 Landscape Tail is a set of porcelain artists’ paintbrushes created by Oornament Studio that are both functional design objects and

Adobe Launches CoCreate: Small Business

Adobe has today launched CoCreate: Small Business, an initiative providing small businesses with creative services and digital tools while generating paid opportunities for the global creative community. CoCreate: Small Business will pair skilled creators with small businesses to collaborate on branding, photography, logo design, web services and more to accelerate digital transformations as SMBs rebound from a difficult year. All creators and U.S. small businesses (1-50 employees) are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is April 20, 2021. more: creativecloud.adobe.com (281) Перейти на источник

Bulletproof Rebrands Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

Bulletproof recently rebranded Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, positioning the popular chocolate as the undisputed Icon of Easter. “What makes Mini Eggs so special is their nostalgic value,” commented Jamie Gandee, Creative Director at Bulletproof. “For many people, it’s that one brand that is intrinsically linked to Easter, bringing back happy memories of their childhood and giving opportunities to create new memories with their families today. Our challenge was to capture that intangible feeling in the brand’s new visual identity.” Drawing on Cadbury’s rich history and archive for inspiration, the rebrand moves Mini Eggs away from the ‘explosion of joy’ and into Cadbury’s core value of ‘goodness’ – a brand that encourages sharing and creating new memories with their families today. The new look and feel is clean, joyful, and familiar, with the new visual identity boosting a year-round appeal as one of Cadbury’s core personality brands. Перейти на источник

Williams Murray Hamm Designs Brand Identity for Castrol ON

Williams Murray Hamm (WMH) recently created the name and identity for a new umbrella brand for Castrol that will cover its range of e-Fluids for the electric vehicle market. Launching March 2021, Castrol ON visibly signals the business’s move into electric mobility. Castrol approached WMH over 18 months ago to create the positioning, name and identity for this advanced range of products which are already used by the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team. Focusing on the desire to position Castrol as a pioneer in e-mobility, WMH wanted to create a brand that was forward-thinking, bright and futuristic. The name ‘ON’ was established as the brand name and created simultaneously with the brand identity which uses the globally familiar digital toggle button – swiping from left/off to right/on – as inspiration. Easily recognizable, the physical movement is represented on the graphic, as the ‘O’ comes from a color gradient going from dark blue, through vivid blue to bright fluorescent green communicating its e-mobility credentials. The silver ‘O’ and ‘N’, at a slight angle shows a brand forever in motion and always moving forward whilst emitting a future-focused feel. In its online activated state, the Castrol ON switch energizes illuminated graphics, while the energy lines communicate progress and show how Castrol ON helps to make the switch to an electric future. Перейти на источник

15th Annual International Design Awards

The International Design Awards (IDA) has announced its call for submissions for 2021. The Awards program is aimed to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and uncover emerging talent. An international jury will evaluate entries based not only on the highest of current design standards and trends, but also seek out truly extraordinary designers who are producing truly coveted and exceptional creations. The deadline for submissions is September 30, with a late deadline of October 31, 2021. more: idesignawards.com (953) Перейти на источник

Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2021

Submissions are now open for the 2021 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Award. Designers, agencies and companies are invited to enter their communication design works and their integrated brand designs. This year's award features a new category, 'Digital Solutions,' where participants can register their digital projects that offer opportunities for change. Alongside the new category, participants in the Red Dot Award can enter their communication design works in 17 other categories in the 'Communication Design' section. These range from 'Corporate Design & Identity' and 'Packaging Design' to 'Illustrations' and 'Film & Animation.' The works and brands entered in the competition will be assessed by the Red Dot Jury, comprising roughly 25 members. The deadline for registrations is June 8, with a late deadline fo June 25, 2021. more: red-dot.org (428) Перейти на источник

Sunday Afternoon Brings Early Video Gaming Vibe to Rebrand for Liquid+Arcade

Sunday Afternoon has rebranded the former Liquid Advertising, one of the leading ad agencies for the gaming and entertainment industries, now known as Liquid+Arcade. The early days of video gaming are the main inspiration behind sleek new identity and brand-building work. Sunday Afternoon developed a new logo mark rooted in the world of early 1990s video games and arcades, then created a custom logotype inspired by neon signage using shades of white, blue, red and magenta. Each character consists of an inner and outer stroke to symbolize the duality of Liquid+Arcade as both a media and creative service agency. “Liquid+Arcade is an agency born out of the video gaming space, so that gave us a tremendous opportunity to lean into video game history and nostalgia,” commented Juan Carlos Pagan, Co-Founder and partner, Sunday Afternoon, New York. “I spent many hours of my youth in arcades, and aimed to capture that neo-noir look and feel for the agency’s new identity.” Liquid Arcade Перейти на источник

AXE Global Redesign by PB Creative

PB Creative recently completed a global redesign for Unilever’s AXE brand. The fresh and expressive new visual code – with its inspiration firmly rooted in street art – allows the master brand to inhibit a much more vibrant and progressive territory with the aspiration to put the street in the hands of every AXE guy across the globe. The agency used its long-established partnership with the brand and deep understanding of each AXE variant to curate a detailed back story for each of the brand’s iconic fragrances, before briefing renowned street artist, Ben Tallon to bring their vision to life as a range of graffiti-inspired illustrations. PB Creative has once again successfully progressed AXE to a place that feels more credibly edgy, vibrant, and on-trend as the brand continues to engage and resonate with its core GEN-Z consumers. Images: Courtesy of PB Creative Перейти на источник

Adobe MAX 2021

Adobe MAX, the world's largest creativity conference, will be held October 26-28. This year's conference will be once again virtual and free to all. The event will feature live and on-demand content, including more than 350+ sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances, special guest appearances, and a sneak peek at things being worked on in Adobe labs. more: adobe.com (96) Adobe MAX 2021 Conference Oct 26 – Oct 28, 2021 Перейти на источник

Uniform Rebrands Global Technology Company Chaos Group

Uniform has revealed the new brand it has created for Chaos, the global industry-leading and Academy Award-winning graphics technology company. The rebrand supports the company’s bold ambitions across the creative sector. With the new brand needing to accelerate growth and encompass an existing suite of products, as well as new developments, Uniform’s starting point, was to identify exactly why the current brand wasn’t working. They found that, despite their product reputation and success in organizing one of the biggest industry events in the calendar, ‘Total Chaos,’ Chaos itself was fairly unknown. Most customers were more familiar with the individual products that they used day-to-day. “Chaos came to us with ambitious plans for growth. The challenge was that although they were a market leader, their equity was tied up in strong product brands,” commented Erika Anderson – Senior Creative Strategist, Uniform. “The strategic approach was developed from clear insight from Chaos’ customers and shifted them from where they were. The group brand needed an identity that clearly established ownership of the growing portfolio of products.” Uniform’s approach is centered around the idea that most brands don’t need radical transformation, instead, they require the ability to adapt continuously to a world that is in constant change. By placing more emphasis on Chaos and restructuring the brand hierarchy, Uniform has created an ecosystem of products; elevating the rest of the portfolio to sit alongside V-Ray. Customers wishing to create stunning visualizations now clearly understand the range of tools they have at their fingertips. The brand itself exemplifies the power and capability of the Chaos product range, using visual language created from the software itself. This dynamic approach is totally unique and differentiates Chaos from its competitors, as well as creating endless possibilities for future growth. “Chaos now represents a place of excitement, of possibility, of constant progression,” added Richard Pay – Design Director, Uniform. “Where 3D artists can be inspired to push themselves further, to unlock their creativity.” The brand has been launched this week and will be followed by the launch of a new customer community-focused product, Cosmos. This signals a new dawn in the Chaos universe and a new opportunity to redefine the business for the future. Перейти на источник

D&AD and Google Partner to Secure Jobs for Self Taught Emerging Creatives

D&AD has partnered with Google to expand Shift, the organization’s free night school for talent from non-traditional creative backgrounds. The new partnership commences with the launch of this year’s D&AD Shift with Google in London, a program that will include briefs set by leading global brands. Since 1980, D&AD New Blood has stimulated creative excellence by nurturing emerging talent. Taking place in London and New York annually, Shift tackles barriers to entry into the creative industry. Consisting of industry-set briefs, talks and mentorship, Shift provides a supportive and educational space for creatives who face barriers to access higher education and employment. At a time when the industry must prioritize and respond to diversity and inclusivity in the workforce, Shift also enables creative companies to tap into a pool of diverse talent and strives to build an industry that is reflective and relevant to society at large. Statistics collated in 2019 showed that since completing the night school, 78% of Shift alumni in London have entered into paid creative employment, compared to only 41% of design graduates and just 24% of media graduates employed in their sectors six months after graduation. “Agencies and brands need and want their creative teams to be more representative of the people they are creating for – but that diversity can be impossible to find if the only place you look for it is art and design schools,” commented Paul Drake, Foundation Director at D&AD. “By getting behind D&AD Shift with Google they can support and employ incredible individuals who challenge the assumption that talent only resides in a few universities. For five years Shift has consistently matched self-made talent to opportunities in industry. Jobs have been the result – and they will continue to be the key metric in our exciting new partnership with Google.” The 2021 D&AD Shift with Google London program is now open for applications from aspiring creatives without traditional, university-level qualifications. This year, successful applicants will gain a place in the night school running from June to September 2021. As part of Shift, applicants will get the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects that reflect the latest trends and topics of the industry, brought together in a final showcase of creative work in November 2021. Перейти на источник

St. John Creates Full Brand Identity for Wonderbird

St. John recently designed a new brand identity for Wonderbird, a new fast-food chicken concept aiming to close the gap between fast and quality food. The first restaurant opened In Jacksonville Beach, Fla., on February 2. Wonderbird has a lot to offer, with an expansive menu featuring fresh, craveable chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and tenders with 11 homemade savory sauces, as well as flavorful salads, sides, desserts, and vegan chickenless sandwich and tenders meal options. But in order to close the gap between fast and quality, St. John worked with Wonderbird to position the brand as a new ‘fast crafted restaurant’ and create a brand identity that is equally as unique as Wonderbird’s food. “So many of the QSR brands we’re acquainted with today have roots dating back 40-50 years, and honestly some haven’t aged particularly well,” stated Peter Herbst, St. John’s Executive Creative Director. “This was a chance to start from scratch with a brand that wanted to do something different in the category. We knew Wonderbird’s branding should feel different-lighter, fresher, sharper with an air of whimsy and inclusiveness. From the name to the menu boards, it had to stand out in a way that would make folks smile.” ‘Magnetic’ served as the primary attribute St. John strived to convey in each design element, with the goal of attracting customers in a visceral, powerful way across the entire dining experience, from the food to the environment to the packaging and every communication in between. As the name suggests, Wonderbird looks, acts and serves food that is a step above the rest in its category. To balance the need to communicate fast food but also high-quality food, St. John incorporated a more traditional red and yellow color palette as commonly seen in the fast-food world with heavy doses of matte black. The agency also selected streamlined typefaces, while opting for a clean and simple logo mark to avoid the flourished type and pattern often found in the craft food category to help Wonderbird stand out. The increased visibility of the Wonderbird logo across packaging was also kept modern and playful with the placement and scale of the mark. St. John came up with ‘Fast. Craft. Food.’ as the brand’s descriptor to connote simplicity, freshness and quality ingredients without sacrificing the convenience of a drive-thru. The agency also pulled on secondary brand personality traits such as infectious, spirited, imaginative, approachable, sincere, and soulful to bring a whimsical feel to the brand. St. John developed everything from the brand’s name and logo, to the color palette, typography, product packaging, and branded materials, interior and exterior signage, menu boards, website design, food photography, and employee T-shirts and visors and manager polo shirts. Перейти на источник

SMAKK Creates Identity for Canopy Humidifier

SMAKK recently worked with Canopy to create earth-friendly packaging and playful, engaging designs to help launch the DTC brand, bringing a fresh creative voice to the skincare debate. When you think of a humidifier, you don’t traditionally think of a sleek design that you want to show off, let alone a beauty accessory. Yet they remain one of the beauty industry’s best-kept secrets, touted by skincare experts for their ability to deliver hydration, alleviate cold, flu, and allergy symptoms, and promote glowing skin. Reimagining the humidifier as a skincare solution, Canopy partnered with SMAKK to help launch their brand, crafting an identity that deftly navigates the line between beauty and wellness. “This is our favorite kind of project; something that offers a new solution to stand out in a crowded industry by straddling other culturally relevant categories that can really move the needle,” SMAKK Founder Katie Klencheski said. “Canopy is an ‘always on’ solution — meaning their humidifiers are hard at work to keep you hydrated and healthy, even while you sleep — but it’s also a well-designed piece that you actually want to display in your home. We knew from the start that their needs as a brand would be the perfect pairing for our capabilities.” Working to expand the brand design around the product that was designed and engineered by agency Doris Dev, SMAKK’s team tasked themselves with the lofty goal of pushing Canopy to own the beauty-meets-wellness vertical and to lead the conversation on creating a home environment that actually works for you while keeping skin healthy and happy. This meant creating an identity that felt at home in the beauty retail environment, using their past experience working with beauty brands and insights into what beauty buyers are looking for on shelf to inform their design decisions. The result is equal parts approachable and compelling, delivering a bright, accessible visual identity and clever, informative messaging that works to make the science of wellness feel fun and conversational. Together, these elements embody a modern and playful presence that differentiates the brand in the consumer tech space. The arched Canopy logo references the shape of a tree canopy and rising air, creating a shield for your health. Additional graphic devices used throughout the designs and packaging, like gradients, speak to diffusing air and the aromatherapy provided by the humidifier. Sustainability also proved to be an important part of Canopy’s brand. SMAKK worked with Doris Dev to design a plastic and styrofoam-free packaging and shipping system, using rice paper bag inserts to avoid the pollution that often comes with tech and beauty packaging. As a DTC brand, the ecommerce site design was also integral and needed to function in a way that made learning, exploring, purchasing, and subscription sign-up easy. “We wanted the innovation-centric digital presence to simplify the technical features of the humidifier and emphasize the amazing consumer benefits,” Klencheski explained. SMAKK also provided a range of marketing materials including email templates, social media designs, blog content, and other collaterals. Перейти на источник

RB Designs Packaging and Brand Experience for ‘Vanish Miracle Revives Colours’

Dragon Rouge recently worked with Reckitt Benckiser (RB) to develop packaging and brand experience design for RB’s new ‘Vanish Miracle Revives Colours’ serum which helps people revive treasured clothing by removing the visible wear of garments. The Vanish Miracle serum is the result of new product development and signals a shift in the brand’s approach and positioning. It is driven by the clear purpose of helping clothes live many lives and boosting re-use and longevity, a driver that will propel all the brand’s future launches. The packaging and brand experience design of the product plays a crucial role in signaling the novelty of the product’s innovation and its transformative nature. It is rooted in the language of clothing, based on the central idea of reviving clothes, and the rituals people go through when looking after favorite garments. Key design elements connect to that emotion and that moment of consideration. These include a detailed background texture running through the design, with ‘before and after’ illustrations of the product’s benefits. In addition, everyday clothing care tags provided the inspiration for seam, stitching and clothes label details that wrap around the pack. The packaging communicates the concept in clear and easy-to-understand messaging while signaling the product as part of the Vanish range, with its color and logo referencing the parent brand. It also includes the new Vanish logo, redrawn to be a more vibrant, modern, and confident expression of the brand. “Rather than resorting to the established and tired design codes within laundry products, with Vanish Miracle, the brand is taking a leadership position in driving design across the category,” remarked David Robinson, Creative Director at Dragon Rouge. “This product highlights a much more considered role of design, linking its graphics and communication back to the clothes it cares for and the notion of extending the life of garments. It is a holistically considered piece of design, embedding a clear idea across every aspect of it.” In line with RB’s drive to create an entire brand world for its products, the design includes 2D and 3D assets to maximize the brand experience across all touchpoints beyond the pack. It features secondary packaging that achieves stand-out on the shelf as well as bespoke eCommerce packaging. The latter includes an integrated hanger for people to use, to remind them of the presence of the Miracle product in their cupboard. Photos: Courtesy of Marks Перейти на источник

NYCxDESIGN Launches Its First Grant as a Non-Profit

NYCxDESIGN has announced its inaugural Breakout Grant, created to support independent design entrepreneurs with significant funding and visibility. The not-for-profit organization invites local independent talent and businesses across the five boroughs of New York City to submit proposals around a promising new product or project that’s in late-stage development and ready for market. A jury of distinguished design leaders has been appointed to evaluate ideas across a range of design disciplines; Architecture, Graphics & Branding, Urban Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Digital & Technology. “More than ever, New York City’s creative community is in need of support and the city is in need of its inventive, entrepreneurial spirit. This new initiative will have a lasting impact on an independent designer or business by giving them the resources and tools to pursue their next great idea,” stated Justin Garrett Moore, NYCxDESIGN jury member, transdisciplinary designer, and Program Officer for the Humanities in Place program at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, AICP, NOMA. “It is paramount that any candidate’s work demonstrates a foundational commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability – three integral pillars to designing a greater NYC.” One $15,000 grant will be awarded to support a career-making moment and two additional $5,000 grants will be given to back continued project growth. Finalists and grant recipients will be notified in late April and will be featured in an online gallery to showcase their proposed projects. The deadline for sending proposals is March 26, 2021. Перейти на источник

European Design Awards 2021

The 2021 European Design Awards is now open for entries. The annual award aims to bring together the best examples of communication design in Europe. As a joint initiative by the major communication design media on the continent, ED-Awards is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards on an international level. The deadline for submissions is February 26, 2021. more: europeandesign.org (236) Перейти на источник