JDO Takes New Plant-based Ice Cream Idyll to a Dark, Delicious Place

JDO Takes New Plant-based Ice Cream Idyll to a Dark, Delicious Place

JDO has created the identity for Idyll, a new 100% plant-based ice cream brand for Norway’s oldest ice cream producer Hennig-Olsen.

Hennig-Olsen aimed to develop a brand-new series of plant-based products with the same beautiful taste and quality as its classic ice cream brands, not only for vegans but also for consumers looking to make kinder choices for their health and the planet.

JDO’s design for Idyll not only challenges ice cream counterparts but disrupts plant-based category conventions with confidence, charisma and a bit of attitude. Idyll’s bold, bespoke brandmark features quirky serif kicks and a hidden leaf to communicate its plant-based proposition. A delectable scoop of ice cream garnished with greenery conveys uncompromising quality and taste and ensures the brand can never be mistaken for a ‘less than’ product. The gold-lid and dark burgundy tub reinforce its premium credentials whilst pops of vibrant color support variants to make Idyll feel unpretentious, accessible and modern.

“With a design that takes a darker, slightly edgier approach, Idyll stands out from its cream-coloured competitors, using more nuanced ways to communicate its plant-based proposition,” commented Paul Drake, Founding Partner and Creative Director at JDO. “By putting premium indulgence first with deep colours and moody photography, the design creates consumer desire, then delivers the pleasant surprise that it is a plant-based product with details that are both clear and clever.”

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