Hotels revitalise interiors using Kriskadecor products

Kriskadecor installed at Vincci Gala Hotel by TBI Architecture

Dezeen staff | 9 April 2021

Dezeen promotion: Kriskadecor’s aluminium chains offer a quick, easy and hygienic way to transform the interiors of hotels ready to welcome back guests.

As travel and tourism begin to reopen following the Covid-19 pandemic, hotels and hospitality venues are looking to adapt to new spatial regulations and refresh their appearances.

Kriskadecor, an international company that specialises in design solutions using aluminium chains, offers options for designers to partition spaces, direct foot traffic, and liven-up communal areas.

Kriskadecor installed at KI20 Business Centre by MadiLancos Studio.

Above: Kriskadecor’s aluminium chains at the KI20 Business Centre by MadiLancos Studio. Photo by Palkó György. Top: Vincci Gala Hotel by TBI Architecture and Engineering. Photo by José Hevia

Surfaces made from the chains can be used as dividers, ceilings, wall coverings, interior and exterior cladding, lighting elements and more.

The transparency of the links allows for spatial separation while retaining a visual connection between areas on either side of a curtain, whether configured in straight lines or custom wavy patterns.

“We are able to separate without dividing, that is, to create subspaces that do not break the visual field, but maintain the feeling of spaciousness, allowing light and air to flow freely, facilitating ventilation and air renewal,” said Kriskadecor.

Kriskadecor installed at Pau Casals VIP lounge by efebearquitectur

The chains act as spatial partitions, as seen at the Pau Casals VIP lounge by Efebearquitectura. Photo by Marcela Grassi

The material’s lightweight properties enable chains to be hung in long “waterfalls” that descend through tall lobby spaces or stairwells, or across entire facades.

Clients can select from a wide palette of colours, as well as fixed or mobile hanging systems that are easy to install and do not require specialised personnel.

Images, patterns, or signage elements can be reproduced across chain surfaces using Kriskadecor’s in-house technology, providing a tool for visual branding.

Kriskadecor installed at Novotel Route Des Grands Crus by Design Studio

Chains installed at Novotel Route Des Grands Crus by Design Studio. Photo by Pavlos Efthimiou

The chains can be cleaned with water and detergent, then sprayed with a water and alcohol solution to safely disinfect.

“Using materials that are easy to clean and maintain is and will be a trend for years to come,” said the company. “Our simple and effective cleaning protocols guarantee perfect disinfection while maintaining the original finishes.”

Chains and mounting profiles are made from 99 per cent aluminium and chain links comprise 20 per cent recycled material.

Kriskadecor installed at YOTEL New York by Softroom and Rockwell Group

Kriskadecor printed custom graphics onto chain surfaces at YOTEL New York by Softroom and Rockwell Group

With 95 years of experience, Kriskadecor has headquarters in Montblanc, Spain, and Miami, USA. The company’s global network of agents and distributors has allowed it to carry out projects in more than 90 countries.

For more about the range of products and their applications in hotels and beyond, visit the Kriskadecor website.

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