Bulletproof Rebrands Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

Bulletproof Rebrands Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Bulletproof recently rebranded Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, positioning the popular chocolate as the undisputed Icon of Easter.

“What makes Mini Eggs so special is their nostalgic value,” commented Jamie Gandee, Creative Director at Bulletproof. “For many people, it’s that one brand that is intrinsically linked to Easter, bringing back happy memories of their childhood and giving opportunities to create new memories with their families today. Our challenge was to capture that intangible feeling in the brand’s new visual identity.”

Drawing on Cadbury’s rich history and archive for inspiration, the rebrand moves Mini Eggs away from the ‘explosion of joy’ and into Cadbury’s core value of ‘goodness’ – a brand that encourages sharing and creating new memories with their families today. The new look and feel is clean, joyful, and familiar, with the new visual identity boosting a year-round appeal as one of Cadbury’s core personality brands.

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